Alphabet Photography – Progress

The first assignment required us to pair up, pick a letter from an envelope, and photograph examples of said letter in nature/life in general.

The task: Photograph 10 examples of your letter, pick the best one and create 5 reductions highlighting different typographical elements.

The problem: Of course I picked the letter “G”. There must be some sort of magical connection going on, I mean, that is my initial. However, as magical as this event was, the letter “G” is definitely up there on the hardest-letters-to-find-in-nature scale. Like maybe an 8.

The strategy: was a fantastic place to start. I simply typed in my letter 5 times to see what it came up with.

The result:

Not the greatest variety, but there was one element I noticed: scroll-y architecture. It inspired me to go looking through my pictures from Europe, where I figured there would lots of examples to get me started; more on that next post.

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