For Curiosity’s Sake

To practice for my step-by-step breakdown of the alphabet photography assignment, I thought I’d share the process of how I arrived at my blog header.

The way I develop my designs is unique totally generic: I mean, I have an idea, I draw it out (either on paper or on-screen), and then I play around with it until I find what I think is the “best” combination. And then I coerce some friend/family member/total stranger to give me their opinion.

The header actually began before this course started, as I tested out my new copy of Photoshop Elements 9.  Although I only kept the colour from the first iteration, it definitely kicked things in gear.

Well…the colour isn’t exact, but the next iteration held some potential:

You’ll notice the handwriting-esque typeface is the same as in the final version. For those interested it’s called “English Essay”, though I don’t recommend it for that purpose, you might lose a few marks. From there I made the jump almost right to the end, except for the placement of the “in” which was determined by the header size that goes with this theme.

I thought the handwriting typeface looked a little bit like a scientist’s notes, hence the use for “experiments”. The pixellated “design” came from tutorial, when the TA was demonstrating the difference between vectors and bitmaps (when magnified, vectors don’t lose resolution because they are based on mathematical equations).
Here’s another iteration I considered before deciding on the final header:

Definitely not as good in terms of spatial placement – but it might have worked with another theme, perhaps. PS. For anyone interested in the other typefaces the “design” is in “LCD Phone”. Which kind of ruins my whole design-inspired juxtaposition between typeface and meaning. Anyways, there it is in black teal and white.

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