Progress report #2

After some last minute computer crashes/freakouts/freezing my partner and I managed to get the draft of our alphabet photography assignment finished. I mean, I love Photoshop but I gotta give (Microsoft) Word some credit for being easily manipulateable (not a word, I’m aware). Let’s start with some inspiration:

The gardens at Versailles, France. Probably my favourite place on earth, or at least the best-smelling. Seriously, the air is so clean my smog-destroyed lungs could barely handle it. An added bonus: several “G”s in this picture – in case you can’t find them, here’s a close-up.

There was a lot of potential for reductions in this photo, making it part of our top 2. The next photo was also from Versailles…are you sensing a theme? (I went on a France-Italy trip back in April.) While an awesome example of a “G”, this one didn’t have a high enough resolution to make it reduction-worthy.

Since you’ve already seen one of the top 2 contenders, here’s the other one, which actually ended up being our final pick:

Don’t see the “G”? We decided to rotate the picture, and once converted to black and white, this is the awesomeness that oozed potential for our reductions:

All rights reserved, not for commercial use.

I have to give my partner (Cameron Taylor) full credit for the B/W version, he made my selecting reductions so much easier. Check out this lining reduction:

For the rest of the reductions, I simply focused on what I found to be the most interesting elements: the big ball terminal, the dramatic overshoot, the spur, and the open counter. For those not versed in typology terminology, here’s a handy diagram:

Et voila, reductions completed. Now, onto tracing our chosen typeface: Trebuchet. Should be a headache-inducing experience breeze.

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