Trebuchet (Progress 3)

I’m not a fan of group work. Why? Well, I usually end up doing most of it myself, and I dislike relying on other people for part of my mark. And the tension of having to wait for parts of the assignment to come in makes me more nervous the closer it gets to deadline.

For the final part of our alphabet photography project, my partner and I had to create a typographic poster on a chosen typeface. A short essay about the typeface must also be incorporated into the poster design (which totally ruins it, in my opinion). Long story short: I would write the essay, and my partner would design the poster. Fantastic. Beautiful. Inspired. Technologically-sound.

Not so long ago I had to scrape things together at the last minute due to “computer failure” (side note: you’re in multimedia, get a proper machine already), so I prepared some posters in advance when class got boring during some off-time. Prep note: I attempted to make the letters in the shape of an actual trebuchet (our chosen typeface), which just ended up looking sloppy.

The results:

Do not plagiarize

I think I was getting somewhere with the third one – but there’s a lot of required content, and I’m too much a fan of white space. For reference, here’s my inspiration photo:

Can you see the “A” (frame), “B” (baskets of weights), and “C” (scoop)? Who would’ve thought a medieval weapon was typographically troublesome? Here’s hoping for glitch-free computers this week!

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