In Colour

Let me first explain, that I have no claims to any formal knowledge of colour; I can’t tell you why things look good together, I just know they do. Of course I know my primaries (red, blue, and yellow) and my secondaries (orange, green, purple), and even a few elusive descriptors such as “periwinkle”, “vermillion” and “chartreuse”. And so my approach to the most recent tutorial exercise was rather experimental, but I think it turned out fairly decent.

The Task: Re-colour a poster using a chosen palette

The Problem: Aside from learning technical terms for what I was doing, there wasn’t any issues this time, just point and click (and point and click and point etc.)

The Strategy: Combine some interior inspiration with a little study sesh a la Ellen Lupton

The Result:

 I think I’m actually getting the hang of Illustrator. Which is actually kind of useful because – graphic designers avert your eyes – I actually used to mock up things in Word. Shameful.

Here’s the original poster:

And my inspiration (I was actually playing around with custom-colouring a rug the day before tutorial):

Isn't it pretty?!

For a little technical explanation, the greens, blues, and yellow are all analogous – meaning that they are sequential, or close together on the colour wheel. However, the salmon/pink colour is complementary (opposite side of colour wheel), or a “near opposite” because it’s actually across from a tertiary colour (the yellow-green).

While I didn’t get the colours to transfer exactly (adobe colour-picker is quite picky), the final output followed the original in use of both complementary and analogous colours.

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