Final progress

It’s the end. Fin. Or is it just the beginning? What is a journey anyways? Philosophical questions aside, here’s some process work for the final project.

The Task: Cut a square through a magazine (2.5×2.5) and use the images in a 5-square accordion book.

The Problem: Sounds simple enough, but having literally no artistic background I needed some serious help in terms of identifying compositional flow.

The Strategy: Call over TA. Multiple times.

The Results:

This was my first comp. Clearly, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Colour version, of what I later made greyscale. Huge improvement, right?

As much as I like the close-up shot of the eyes, the pool steps had a much stronger architectural presence. In fact, that one picture ended up inspiring the flow for my entire book.

After some rearrangement suggestions by the TA, this is pretty much my final product – save for some transitional edits and enhancements.

I started playing around with repeating body parts, and just varying the opacity – kind of hinting at “ghost” bodies, which was a theme that went with the text I chose (Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall). This pretty much took me right to the end – dramatic pause – which looks like this:

Pretty awesome right? I repeated the diamonds from the pool quite a bit, and the watery theme came into play with the warped text. According to Ellen Lupton, repetition helps flow and motion – but seeing as I’m not a graphic designer (yet), I’m just going to say she’s right. Anyways, that’s the second project; I think I did alright for an Illustrator newbie. Maybe now I can officially upgrade my skill level to “beginner”?

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