Square Dance

The first tutorial went pretty well – and that’s saying something for a Communication Studies major. The week before we had drawn 30 squares, with a 4-square grid in each square, to be further segmented into 8 pieces total per square. That’s 240 pieces! (And yes, I did use a calculator…I’m not a math major.) Unnecessary number-dropping aside, here’s the breakdown:

The task: Draw 15 of your best squares in Illustrator with just the pen tool.

The problem: When drawing some of the internal lines, some of the 4-square grid lines were disappearing. Call over TA. Turns out the program thinks I’m making a new shape, and all I have to do is arrange some lines to the back in order for everything to show. Easy Peasy.

The strategy: Draw out a bunch of squares, pick the one I like, and copy it 29 times. I did use the “invisible” alignment that shows up in green to place everything nice and evenly.

The result:

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